39 Teslas allegedly acquired by Las Vegas resident

Las Vegas's 50 years old resident was charged with cryptocurrency scam that netted him 39 brand new teslas amd $45 millions.

Federal grand jury indicted Neil Suresh Chandran had scammed more than 10,000 people out of their money since June 2018.

Chandran allegedly claimed in an email that an $88,000 investment would yield a return of $2 trillion.

It appears that the fraud involved Elon Musk's claims, who is called "Billionaire 2" in the indictment and "founder and CEO of an Electric Car Company".

Chandran is apprehended in Los Angeles and forced to forfeit the Teslas and five California residences in Nevada.

He also has to forfeit a Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce.

Government forfeit about $36 million in 25 bank accounts from 12 banks.

Chandran has 39 teslas included 16 model Y, 15 model 3 sedans, 4 model s sedans and 3 model X SUVs.

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