Apple Music’s student plan is now more expensive in the US, UK, and Canada

Apple Music has increased the price of its student subscription in the US, UK and Canada.

It's increasing its price from $4.99-$5.99 per month in the US and Canada. Students in the UK can expect a similar jump, from PS4.99 to PlayStation 5.99 per month.

Apple has not yet acknowledged the changes, but current pricing information for Apple Music is available.

Apple Music subscribers have noticed an increase in the cost of their subscriptions to iPads and iPhones.

Although it's not clear when these changes were implemented by Apple, 9to5Mac suggests that they were likely to have been implemented sometime between June 21st-23rd.

Apple Music's Student Plan, which was originally the most affordable plan with all features, is now available to students enrolled at a college or university.

The pricing for the $9.99/month individual plan and $14.99/month family plans remains unchanged. The same applies to the voice plan at $4.99/month.

Students might consider the voice plan a way to save money, but it only allows you to control Apple Music through Siri.

Apple Music's price hike isn't just for the US, UK and Canada.

Apple quietly raised the subscription prices for students in several countries last month. These included Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

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