Axon 40 Ultra ZTE Wins With Its Hidden Selfie Camera

It seems that the Axon 40 Ultra ZTE might have finally achieved its goal through with the Under-Display Camera (UDC). 

The hunt to find hidden mobile phone cameras continues as phone manufacturers try to maximize the display. 

The UDC on the Axon 40 Ultra ZTE 

Its UDC from the Axon 40 Ultra ZTE is a 16 megapixel camera housed in a 6.8-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2480x1116 pixels. display. 

On the rear, it features three cameras with  64-megapixels: a ultrawide 16mm, a standard wide and a the 91mm Telephoto lens. 

What is interesting about it is the selfie UDC which is challenging to create. The technology used to hide the camera beneath the display has greatly developed. 

According to ZTE the screen that sits on at the top has been connected to the rest of the screen , with certain adjustments to the technology of pixel drive and the way in which it was wired. 

There were also software updates that allow the UDC to seamlessly sync with the other displays. 

It's evident that the selfie camera really disappears into the the screen This is distinct than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3, that remains clear. 

If you are really looking at the screen of your phone and look closely, you'll be able to notice the lens glowing when you look closely, however it's not a major distraction. 

Even on white screens it is possible to see the lens hard to see. There is an occasional alteration in the quality of images, however, it's not that bad.

Many people will not be able to tell a difference in quality of images due to the UDC. 

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