Einride's Massive Autonomous Trucks Approved for U.S. Roads.

Einride, the Swedish autonomous vehicle company is set to bring its huge self-driving semi-automobiles for U.S. public roads later this year.

The company has confirmed that it has was granted approval by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to manage its fleet.

The company's specially-built "Pod trucks," also called Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) trucks, will soon be able to drive independently on public roads.

However they will have an operator on the remote who can be in the wheel at any time.

Einride intends to automatize and electrify the logistics industry and, as you see in the above image the vehicle does not include a room for a driver.

The cab isn't traditional on these pod trucks. Instead they're completely self-contained.

In order to ensure the safety of roads and to scale the project as quickly as Einride would like the Remote Pod Operator will be monitoring the vehicle in all time.

If a human operator requires to intervene, a human operator is there.

Here's what Einride CEO and founder Robert Falck had to say.

"Other companies are retrofitting existing trucks to become autonomous, but we are doing the opposite.

We are building a brand new way to do autonomous shipping from the ground up which results in this new type of vehicle design and functionality."

The pilot program is scheduled to hit the roadways that are public U.S. roads later this year, in conjunction with GE Appliances.

Einride states that his company is in the process of training Remote Pod Operators in Texas in preparation for its trucks that are autonomous and ready to hit the streets.

Einride's semi-autonomous semi trucks are likely to be driving through freeways at higher speeds.

But, Einride said that the approval only permits the vehicle to travel in specific locations and times So we'll need to keep an eye on it.

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