Musk hints Tesla could bring back 'Enhanced Autopilot' worldwide

Elon Musk hinted that Tesla might bring back "Enhanced Autopilot" to provide a more immersive semiautonomous driving experience than Basic Autopilot.

But they are unable to fork out $12,000 for the more advanced Full Self-Driving Suite.

Tesla discontinued Enhanced Autopilot in early 2019 and all vehicles received Basic Autopilot as a standard option.

It is a staple for many owners in China, Europe, and other countries.

The report stated that it had not been seen in the US in over three years.

This week, Tesla launched Enhanced Autopilot in Australia & New Zealand.

Trevor Page, the founder of the Model 3 Owners blog, suggested that Tesla return the Enhanced Autopilot program because "FSD is still to expensive for what you get".

Page suggested that Tesla offer Basic Autopilot to all vehicles, while Enhanced Autopilot would only be offered for a small price.

FSD will still be available to purchase at the normal $12,000 price tag

Musk replied simply, "Ok", suggesting that the option might be available.

There are many differences between Tesla's Basic Autopilot (Enhanced Autopilot) and Full Self-Driving Suites.

Each offers a combination or assistance features that makes driving easier due to improved safety features.

Although none of these programs are autonomous, which means that the vehicles can't drive themselves, they have been designed to improve safety and reduce accident risk.

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