Tesla 2022.20 update

The Tesla 2022.20 software update includes Green Traffic Light Chime for Autopilot with some neat features.

Teslascope detected update of 2020.20 software on Model 3 SR in South Australia.

After that @tesla_adri shared some screenshots of updates.

The most notable feature in 2020.20 is the Green Traffic Light Chime.

A Chime will play when the traffic light you are waiting for turns green.

If you are waiting behind another vehicle then the chime will play once the vehicle advances unless Traffics Aware Control or Autosteer is active.

Tesla reminds drivers to be cautious and remain alert while on the road. 

Green Traffic Light Chime was only available with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite before the 2020.20 update.

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