Elon Musk : world's richest man and 2021's highest paid CEO

According to the Fortune 500 Elon Musk was the world's richest man and top-paid chief executive officer in 2021.

Musk drew a salary of around $23.5 billion after he exercised some Tesla stock options awarded in a 2018 multiyear "moonshot" giant.

Elon Musk, who leads SpaceX and Tesla and might soon own Twitter, as well, is at the top.

But , belong to the tech and biotech industries. Among these leaders are Tim Cook-chief executive officer of Apple, Satya Nadella-the helm of Microsoft, and Reed Hastings- boss of Netflix.

Fortune revealed that Cook was paid $770.5 million in 2021 alone, which comprised some chunk of a 10-year grant of shares worth $1.7 billion.

Third one was Nvidia's Jensen Huang received $561 million as his compensation in 2021.

Fourth spot, there is Netflix's Reed Hastings who recently announced several new measures to turn profits for the company that is plagued by issues.

According to the Fortune 500, Hastings made $453.5 million last year.

Satya Nadella of Microsoft's secured the 7th spot on the list with compensation worth $309.4 million last year. 

The Fortune 500 evaluated the salaries of 280 Fortune 500 CEOs, who "earned a median total compensation of $15.9 million" up 30% from a year earlier.