F1 2022 game: Release date, price and new features

F1 22 is the latest video game developed by Codemasters along with EA Sports, containing all the drivers, teams and track tracks that were part of the 2022 season.

This much-anticipated and highly anticipated version of the highly-rated game is only a few days away.

In the wake of the hugely successful F1 of 2021 race, F1 22 introduces new car models as well as new Physics.

This PC version allows players to play F1 22 with VR which makes it feel like racing in real-life.

F1 22 features the series the first ever custom soundtrack featuring 33 musicians from 13 countries with big names such as Charli XCX, and Diplo.

Date of release

F1 22 will be released globally on July 1, 2022.

It will be accessible via Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The game's launch is in conjunction in 2022 with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone The Champions Edition of F1 22 allows early access starting June 28.

The price

The UK, F1 22 costs PS69.99 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

F1 22 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of F1 22 retail at PS59.99.

Its Microsoft Windows version for PC is the most affordable option, priced with a price of PS49.99 and is available through Steam, Epic Games Store and Origin.

The base edition retails for $59.99 across PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the United States, and $69.99 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Fans who wish to pre-order the Champions Edition of F1 22 will be required to pay PS79.99 on all consoles or PS69.99 to play on PC.

Fans of racing from America U.S. will have to pay $79.99 across all platforms to purchase F1 22 Champions Edition.

Game feature

F1 22's most significant selling point is the new cars driver, track layouts and drivers.

The cars that are new in F1 22 feature redesigned car models. This means they are more heavy to drive as compared to the previous season's model.

F1 Life is a new feature that acts as a simulation of your lifestyle that lets you customize your off-track appearance, your home and even garage that includes non-F1 supercars.

My Team mode has been upgraded over previous versions, with icons included, so you can include drivers from the past on your team.

You'll also be able to choose which team you want you'll be joining so that you're not stuck with a team at the bottom of the pack at the beginning of your career.

VR can also be used as a PC version, which supports several headsets like Oculus Rift as well as HTC Vive.