Fortnite Emote Royale 2022: How to Participate

After a long wait, Fortnite's fan-favorite Emote Contest is back. Here are the steps players need to take.

Fortnite launched Emote Royale in 2020. It allowed players to create their own dance moves and actions, which could then be used as emotes in the game. 

It is back in Chapter 3 Season 3 to pose a real challenge to players. 

Fortnite has been a game that connects players and fans around the world with its diverse content and in game merchandise.

Emotes are the common thread that unites them and allows them to celebrate the game in real life.

Emotes are dance moves or actions that have gone viral online and are often performed by Content Creators on Instagram or Tik Tok.

Emote Royale brings together several artists and dancers to create Fortnite's next Emote. This is how creators and players can take part in the 2022 edition.

Yesterday Fortnite announced the latest edition Emote Royale 2022. They are now accepting submissions from dancers, fans, and entertainers.

The winner will be awarded an Emote in Fortnite and $2,500 USD.

The submission doesn't have to be dance-based, but it can be any type of motion or action such as Finger Guns or Dab, which are Fortnite Emotes.

Already, fans are submitting dances to Silly Dance and have started to groove with them. They look great and the submissions are already flooding in.

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