Frito Lay & Pepsi are Waiting For 100 Tesla Semi Trucks

Pepsi & Frito-Lay have been waiting for their 100 Tesla semis for more than five year

Tesla as well as Frito Lay are preparing for the long-awaited arrival of 100 Tesla Semi-EVs.

Teslarati said that Tesla has added a Megacharger to an Frito Lay along with a PepsiCo facility located in Modesto, California, in preparation for the shipment.

Teslarati was able obtain exclusive photographs from Semi Semi by one of its readers, who was working at Frito Lay. Frito Lay facility during the last week.

The Tesla Semi had been at the factory all week to test. The employees have also indicated that the Tesla Semi is "coming soon."

Semi chargers can produce as high as 1 megawatt in the power of a vehicle.

Tesla Semi Tesla Semi was actually being used to test the Megachargers in Frito Lay.

Frito Lay facility, and in light of the latest images that Teslarati had was given, Tesla installed an additional Megacharger.

Tesla Semi Tesla Semi, Tesla's solution to the pollution-producing industry of diesel semi-trucks and heavy-duty vehicles that are abound in the streets of America and around the world.

Frito Lay's purchase of 100 Tesla Semi Electric vehicles is one more step towards that door that leads towards a cleaner, brighter future.

There's not enough battery production to transform our automobile fleets of today.

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