FritoLay’s Megacharger Installation Will Charge upto 100 Tesla Semis

FritoLay has been reported to have installed its initial Tesla Semi "Megacharger" at its distribution facility located in Modesto, California.

The charging stations will be constructed in conjunction with the facility's expansion. They will be able to provide up 100 Tesla Semi trucks.

At present, the company has twelve 62.5 Kilowatt ChargePoint stations to use to charge its box truck electric, as well as other electric vehicles.

The Tesla Semi Megachargers can be placed close to the chargers that are already in place.

Drive Tesla Canada noted that the number of stations weren't listed in the site's plans nor was it mentioned in another permit specifically addressing the Tesla stations.

The latest installation will comprise an Tesla Megapack battery storage unit.

It's unclear about the design of the semi-chargers. are going to appear like, Drive Tesla Canada noted that they could be able to reach 1 MW for power output per car.

The charge port for the Semi is different from other Tesla models however, it's unclear whether other Tesla models can utilize the Megachargers.

FritoLay announced plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half, while also reducing use of diesel of 78% on its California production facility.

PepsiCo owns the majority of FritoLay said that it expects to launch the fifteen Tesla Semis later this year.

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