Google Hangouts is shutting down in November

After the demise of Google Hangouts for Workspace users in February, Google is starting the process of transferring users of Hangouts that are free and personal to Chat.

Google states that people who continue to utilize the Hangouts mobile app will receive an invitation to switch to Chat.

For users who are using Hangouts as part of Gmail on the internet, Google says it won't be prompting users to switch to Chat until July. the switch to Chat until the end of July.

Hangouts will continue to be accessible on its desktop site up to November

And Google claims it will notify users "at minimum one month" in advance , before it begins redirecting users to at the Hangouts website to Chat.

Google Chat isn't the same thing as GChat (or Google Talk) Google Talk, which Google shut down for good at the beginning of March.

The company first mentioned plans to move customers of Hangouts into Chat in 2018 , and then made Chat available to everyone in 2020.

If you're in the use of Hangouts, Google should automatically move your existing conversations to Chat.

The company also offers the option to use its Takeout option to save a backup your Hangouts information before it's officially shut down in November.

In order to entice users to make an upgrade for Chat, Google says it's rolling out some new features...

 Like the capability directly call, make in-line threads within Spaces, as being able to share and browse multiple images.  

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