Google Maps updated with New-Gen Feature

Google Maps Rival streamlined With a New- Gen point.

Navigation apps have been suitable to display the position of charging stations across the world for quite some time.

But now Sygic says its cooperation with GreenWay makes the whole thing a lot further straightforward and accessible.

This two companies have worked together to offer deeper integration of GreenWay charging stations into the navigation software offered by Sygic.

To seeing the position of GreenWay’s charging stations on the chart, druggies can also pierce the current vacuity of each station, prices, and indeed be notified when the charging thresholds.

Sygic says druggies would not indeed need a separate app to handle the charging process, they can complete the payment through the navigation results.

Sygic navigation presently includes a database that contains no more and no lower than charging stations across Europe.

In the meantime, enough much all the navigation apps on the request are being streamlined with the position of charging stations.

This Application for whose main focus is the business data offered to druggies can now display charging station information in the United States.

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