Hyundai will release $20,487 mini EV in European market

Because Hyundai is currently working on a €20,000 (approx $20,487) Mini EV (entry level electric vehicle) for Europe.

Europe's Hyundai marketing chief shared the automaker’s €20,000 all-electric mini car at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Prague.

He said that Hyundai was manufacturing a battery-powered minicar but it takes some time in production.

Now the news is that Hyundai’s upcoming mini EV would be affordable price.

Hyundai’s EV lineup seems to be hitting its stride, thanks to the IONIQ 5.

The South Korean car manufacturer recently released the IONIQ 6.

Of the early 2023, the new IONIQ vehicle will be sold in European markets.

Hyundai also released a design for the IONIQ 7 SUV in late 2021.

But an IONIQ 7 is large SUV that would be marketed toward the U.S. market.

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