Apple Wallet in iOS 16 is just one step away from removing your wallet

The last few years have seen a huge increase for contactless transactions , and iOS 16 is set to launch a new push to convince you to abandon your wallet in physical form. 

The changes that will be made in iOS 16 encompass some features which are restricted to those in United States.

But Apple is also willing to make certain features available to other platforms.  

The first is that Maryland and Arizona have now been added to Wallet ID, Apple's digital ID verification service. 

These two states, Apple shared that another 11 will be available shortly, but without additional information about the states that support it.  

The Wallet ID card can be used in other apps like Uber and Uber, but doesn't need to disclose your personal details. 

Digital keys that are stored in Apple Wallet can also be shared more easily through applications such as messages, mail and WhatsApp. 

Anyone who receives digital keys will be able include them in their Apple Wallet with just a click from these apps 

This is evidently valuable for hotel keys, but perhaps the most shocking is that this may not be an option only on iOS 16 and beyond. 

Apple is believed to be working to bring this function to Android users making use of standard technology. 

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