Lucid Air Rank 1st Greenest EV In The US and Tesla Model 3 is 2nd

Accoeding to list of America's greenest EVs of 2022 Tesla Model 3 is 2nd rank.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition Range 1st rank of this year's Bloomberg Green's Electric Car Ratings of the greenest EVs available in the United States.

The Lucid Air is followed by the Model 3 Long Range in 2nd place and Tesla Model S in 3rd place.

Well, Tesla has so many car models and all models rank in top 10.

The Tesla Model Y ranking 5th place and the Tesla Model X ranking in 10th place.

The ranking, which includes a total of 34 electric vehicles, is established based on a Green rating for each model.

The score is based on how efficiently the cars travel once on the road and the resources needed to manufacture the batteries in those cars.

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