Mozilla releases Firefox 101 with the old downloads prompt

Mozilla has released another big update for its browser in the stable channel.

There are no significant or groundbreaking feature changes, but die-hard Firefox fans will welcome the return of the old downloads prompt.

What is new in Mozilla Firefox 101?

Firefox 101 restores the old downloads prompt Mozilla ditched in January 2022.

Starting with Firefox 97, the browser automatically initiated downloads without first asking what to do with the file.

So Mozilla decided to revert it while retaining the option to switch to the new Chromium like downloads UX.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 101 to the Stable channel on May 31, 2022.

The new version of the open source web browser is a smaller release that includes some improvements and security fixes.

Firefox 91.10.0 ESR Extended Support Release and Firefox 101 for Android have been released as well.

All development channels of the browser have been upgraded next to that, Firefox Beta and Developer were moved to version 102, and Firefox Nightly to version 103.

If you are interested in the developer side of Firefox 101 then check out the changelog for developers in their official documentation.