Nothing Phone 1 pre order & price

The Nothing Phone 1's pre order is now live.

If you want to buy Nothing Phone (1) so you will get information about price and pre order.

Nothing Phone (1)'s pre order was live on 12th July, 2022. and it will be open till midnight on the 20th July, 2022.

Nothing Phone 1 pre order date

So you can pre order Nothing Phone 1 until midnight of the 20th July, 2022.

Let me tell you Now an invitation is no needed. Now you can pre order this smartphone from following retailers.

1. Amazon 2. The nothing website 3. Flipkart 4. O2 (also available in-store)

Right now The Nothing Phone (1) is not available in the USA and also North American market.

In USA availability of Nothing Phone (1)

It is currently launch in Asia and Europe.

If this device become successful then in future it will take place in USA, Mexico, Canada etc.

Nothing Phone (1) pre order price

Nothing Phone (1) price 8GB RAM + 128GB storage: £399 / €469 / ₹32,999

Nothing Phone (1) price 8GB RAM + 256GB storage: £449 / €499 / ₹35,999

Nothing Phone (1) price 12GB RAM + 256GB storage: £499 / €549 / ₹38,999

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