Now you can  reserve a Tesla Semi truck

After 5 years unveiling a prototype of the Tesla Semi.

Elon Musk’s auto company is now accepting of public’s orders for the heavy-duty EV.

Delivery date for this vehicles is still not clarified, but once they are ready for on road, they could help eliminate a significant source of emissions.

The Tesla Semi will be available in 2 type of models like 2st one is $150,000 version with a 300-mile range and 2nd one is $180,000 one with a 500-mile range.

If we compare then a new Class 8 truck typically costs about $117,000.

All Tesla Semi model will be able to accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds when you carrying 36 tons of cargo.

Tesla is also building solar powered Megacharger stations and it will be reportedly able to add 400 miles of range to a Tesla Semi in just 30-40minutes.

After unveiling a prototype from Tesla semi got more then 2,000 reservations from like, Walmart, pepsi and other companies.

Tesla has opened up for public reservations for their all EV Semi truck.

This reservation process starts with a $5,000 credit card payment and followed within 10 days by a $15,000 wire transfer to the Tesla.

If you want another truck then you have to pay $20,000 down.

Once you complete deposite tesla after that you will get $5,000 refund.

Tesla said, “The timing of your order may depend on development, manufacturing and production schedules and among other factors.

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