Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch

This week, Blizzard revealed in a Reddit AMA that when Overwatch 2 is released on October 4 it will replace Overwatch prime which will effectively end the game's existence for six years.

"When OW2 launches on October 4th, it will be an alternative to the current Live service." said game's Director Aaron Keller.

The switchover will also bring many new features including new characters along with new maps, and more.

The old classic Overwatch will cease to exist in the form of a 6v6 format, and relegating the genre of assault games to the shadow of the game corner that is custom.

The announcement came as a little bit of a shock since initially, Overwatch primary along with Overwatch 2 were intended to be able to coexist.

With unlocked skins of players and other cosmetics moving across, and Overwatch 2 switching to a free-to-play mode.

There was no longer any justification to have the games in isolation.

The Overwatch development team stated: "Our goal is to not fragment our player base and help make our transition from Overwatch 2 as smooth as is possible.

In this regard When Overwatch 2 will be released as a live service that is free to play game on October 4 It will replace the existing Overwatch version.

Content players who have been locked out of Overwatch will be automatically transferred to players playing Overwatch 2."

For those concerned about Overwatch primary features that will be gone with the release Of Overwatch 2.

The AMA confirmed that any open loot containers will be immediately added to your inventory and any coins that are not used are also transferred.

It won't also be a reset of the matchmaking rating in the coming in Overwatch 2.

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