Foxconn confirms ransomware attack affects production at factory in Mexico.

One of the world’s biggest Smartphone manufacturing Foxconn has confirmed that a ransomware attack in late May affect their productions.

Foxconn is a one of theworld’s biggest contract electronics manufacturers and it hit with a ransomware attack on one of its facilities in Mexico.

“It is confirmed that one of our factories in Mexico experienced a ransomware cyberattack in late May,”.

A Foxconn spokesperson told that “The company’s cybersecurity team has been carrying out the recovery plan accordingly.”

The affected factory of foxconn is located in Tijuana and this serves as a major supply center for California in United States.

Foxconn baja california specializes in the production of medical devices, consumer electronics and industrial operations.

Now Foxconn has decided to adjust their production capacity of the factory and company has also shared details of the attack with the management, clients, and their suppliers.

Jimmy Huang said “The disruption caused to business operations will be handled through production capacity adjustment,”.

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