Know things about Tesla no one tells you

The Good and Bad things about The Tesla which is no one tells you.

The ride is kinda rough, like a BMW, without the added advantage of great handling like BMW.

The Model 3 has a lot of wind noise at highway speeds, probably because of the glass roof.

The car requires very little maintenance.

You will not miss gas stations at all.

The fit and finish is not perfect and the software is glitchy, but most of these are minor annoyances.

The acceleration is really good but its better off the line than at higher speeds.

With a home charger, it is very convenient and you barely think about it.

With no engine and other components, there is a lot of storage space for the size of the car.

There is a setting that will run the A/C when you are not in the car to make sure the car does not get too hot.

Once your own one, you will not want to go back to ICE.

There are games like asteroid and others, there is a fake fireplace for the screen and there is a farting app that makes fart noises when you use the turn signal.

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