Telsa “Locks” Cybertruck Design and Planned Release Date

After a long period of development, Tesla has "finally locked" the Cybertruck's design.

Elon Musk confirmed the company's advancements in a new segment of his conversation in the interview with Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley.

Also, he clarified the proposed Cybertruck production date and has now been set at mid-2023, instead of "next year."

It was reported that the Tesla Cybertruck was originally slated for 2021. However, like many Tesla deadlines that date, a 2021 Cybertruck launch was definitely a pipe dream.

The shortage of supplies and the production of other vehicles, such as Model Y, as well as production of other vehicles like the Model Y, created severe delays for the futuristic truck.

Elon Musk also says that Tesla "got too carried away" with Cybertruck modifications to its design that led to more delays.

Although I'm sure some changes were made to improve the look, Tesla obviously struggled to make the Cybertruck street-legal.

The original design was without the side view mirrors and wipers the third brake light, turn signals that were safety-compliant along with crumple zones.

The most recent Cybertruck prototype addresses many of these issues.

It's also a little different than the original Cybertruck. Clearly the redesign was a major undertaking.

Musk is now announcing the Cybertruck production will start in the middle of 2023.

If it's true, then customers are expected to begin receiving their order at the end of summer or in the fall of next year.

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