Tesla and EVs have saved 1,20,000 lives so far

Higher EV adoption rate is not just good news for our planet.

It is increasing the survival chances of our next and future generations.

According to study in 2021 - 4,434 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2020 was equivalent to the lifetime emissions of 3.5 Americans.

Those 4,434 metric tons of carbon dioxide could also cause one extra death globally from 2020 through 2100.

A typical passenger car emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

Tesla shared that in 2021, its global fleet of vehicles, energy storage, and solar panels combined avoided the emissions of 8.4 million metric tons of CO2e.

Tesla said we can save around 40 metric tons of carbon over the course of a lifetime for every person who makes the switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to EVs.

Since every 4,000 metric tons of carbon emissions are predicted to result in an additional death, around 20,000 lives have been saved as a result.

Tesla also said, If we take into account the 10 million electric cars sold by other manufacturers, the number of lives saved increases to a staggering 120,000.

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