Tesla becomes Uber driver’s cash cow

A new Tesla owner who drives for Uber shared his thoughts on driving 120,000 miles per year and getting his new Tesla.

Dobson, who drives over 300 miles a day for six days a week. 

The costs of maintaining his vehicle and fuel add up to $2,000 per month.

He has to pump gas every other day and get an oil change every other week.

Dobson put around 399,000 miles on his Toyota Camry.

Upon reaching such high mileage, he purchased another one and ended up with 277,000 miles.

Dobson was inspired to buy the Tesla by a combination of things including the education and support from Kim and her husband. 

Then Uber began sending Dobson messages Uber told him that he could rent a Tesla for less per week than what he was spending on gas which was $450.

This inspired Dobson to figure out which would be better: renting a Tesla through Uber from Hertz or buying his own Tesla.

The $900 per month car note is a lot less than the fuel costs for a month.

Dobson’s story is not only inspiring, but it shows just how vital Uber and Hertz’s partnership is for drivers who want a Tesla but can’t afford one. 

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