Tesla cancels three june online hiring events for china

Tesla has cancelled three events originally scheduled for June 16, 23, and 30, for sales, R&D, and supply chain positions.

Tesla inc cancelled three online recruitment events in China scheduled  for this month. 

This is the latest development following threats by chief executive elon Musk to cut jobs at the electric car manufacturer. Musk claimed that it was "overstaffed in certain areas". 

Musk did not comment on the staffing situation in China, which produced more than half the cars for the automaker worldwide and contributed 25% to its revenue in 2021.

It was not obvious that notification of the June 9 event was made to staff for "smart production" roles.

China still allows resume submissions for more than 1000 openings posted on social media platforms, such as those of aerodynamics engineers and supply chain managers.

Musk expressed a very negative feeling about the economy in an email to reuters last Wednesday.

Musk also sent an email to employees friday stating that tesla would reduce its salaried headcount by 10% because it was "overstaffed" in many areas, but adding that the hourly headcount would rise. 

After the chinese commercial hub started a two-month COVID-19 lockdown in March, production at tesla's shanghai facility was severely affected.

This quarter's output is expected to drop by more than a tenth from the previous quarter, surpassing musk’s prediction. 

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