Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter deal

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk signed an agreement with Twitter in April, where the billionaire agreed to purchase SpaceX for $44 billion, and then take it under his own control. 

It's been nearly one month since the contract was signed, and the agreement hasn't been signed yet. 

Additionally as each week passes, Musk is becoming unsure about the entire arrangement. 

Musk has publicly expressed his displeasure over the deal and said he'd like to negotiate a better price , or perhaps quit the whole deal. 

In the past, Musk threatened to walk out of the Twitter deal, which is a deal that the Tesla CEO is slowly declining to be interested in buying. 

Lawyers for the billionaire have issued threats to Twitter in which they accuse the company of not providing him with details about "spam bot" accounts. 

Why Musk is having two minds about the deal

Elon Musk has not shown his interest in Twitter deal since the time he signed it in April, citing a variety of reasons. 

It has been decided by the social media giant to stay with the$54.20 per share cost that was set in April. 

But Twitter's share price has dropped over 25% below the figure since May's beginning. 

At first, Musk planned to finance the $44 billion deal by using the shares of the electric car company. 

He was prepared to utilize Tesla shares as collateral for loans will require him to buy Twitter shares in accordance with the terms of the deal. 

Tesla's share prices have declined since Musk revealed himself as the largest shareholder in Twitter back in April.

Spam bots are software programs which post tweets that are automated to provide information or for entertainment.

What are Spam bots

According to the experts, Musk may not be capable of putting the agreement on hold for an extended period of time. 

What happens if the Twitter deal is called off

Musk could be penalized with a breakup of $1 billion for a break-up if he resigns from the agreement. 

What happens if the Twitter deal is called off

Furthermore, Twitter can also sue Musk and oblige him to finish the acquisition according to the terms agreed upon.