Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi are candidates for 800-volt architecture

Tesla will consider adopting an 800-volt architecture for the Tesla Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi.

During taking questions from shareholders, tesla executives were asked what is the reason the company doesn't adopt 800 volt architecture for its cars?

Then tesla rivals Porsche have adopted a system for the Taycan.

Lucin Motors went adopting a 900 volt architecture for its air sedan.

For tesla adopting an 800-volt architecture could provide some benefits at a great cost.

“For the smaller platform vehicles like the Model 3 & Model  Y there is some wins and losses with 800 volts.

The Tesla SVP clarified that an 800-volt architecture give some legitimate advantages but its for bigger vehicles.

Baglino stated that this architecture is suitable for electric cars that need more power or torque.

Tesla may adopt an 800-volt architecture to future vehicles such as the Cybertruck or the Tesla Semi.

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