The Tesla Cybertruck is Tesla’s most innovative vehicle to date. Based on information available, it will most likely be an electric truck of medium duty.

The Cybertruck is unlike any other pickup truck available, and that's what makes it so unique.

Although the Cybertruck is classified as an pickup truck, it looks more like a bunker with wheels.

Tesla claims the Cybertruck was built to last and protect passengers.

Tesla is at the forefront of technological innovations in the automotive industry. A range of electric vehicles (EVs) from the Model S up to the Model X.

Tesla is expected to release the Cybertruck and Semi models.

Tesla claims the Cybertruck is superior to other trucks in utility and performance.

All Tesla Cybertrucks will measure in at 75 inches high and have a length of 231.7 inches.

The wheelbase of every Cybertruck will be 149.9 inches. This is a little more than the F-150 Lightning (14.9-inches), which is a rival pickup truck.

Pickup trucks are no longer utilitarian vehicles that transport goods, but top picks for recreational purposes.

The Cybertruck was designed by Tesla to provide improved performance and other benefits.

The Cybertruck's incredible payload and towing capabilities cut across all three trims, possibly even four.

Single-Motor will tow 7,500 lbs, while Dual-Motor can tow 10,000.

The Cybertruck'sbe  Tri-Motor variant should able to haul 14,000 lbs. The Cybertruck's payload capacity is 3,500 lbs.

Cybertruck's adjustable air suspension allows for the truck's magic tunneau cover to open easily.

The Cybertruck features a 35-degree approach angle and a 28 degree departure angle. It also has a 16 inch ground clearance.

Cybertruck offers 100 cubic feet of storage space outside that families can use, especially for vacations. Cybertruck's large body features an exoskeleton that is almost impenetrable.

Each part of the exoskeleton was designed to meet the requirements for strength. This includes external features such as the Tesla armor glass or Ultra-Hard 30X Cold Rolled stainless-steel skin.

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