Tesla Cybertruck is NOT been canceled in Australia

The Tesla Cybertruck has been canceled in Australia it is a false report.

This report is entirely very misleading.

One article was published by Drive.com.au and its initially titled was, “Cancelled Tesla Cybertruck orders to be refunded in Australia”.

But later upadted  although the damage has already been done as you can see in the image of a Google search.

Tesla removed the Cybertruck reservation page.

Yesterday Jason added, the Cybertruck page is still available on the website and now offers a “get updates” button.

For those actually willing to do some digging, or a quick google.

you can find the Cybertruck Motor Vehicle Pre-order agreement (Australia) Terms and Conditions is still available on the Tesla website.

Tesla Australia has finally confirmed it will refund customer deposits for the Cybertruck after the electric pick-up was pulled from sale locally two months ago.

Tesla Cybertruck reservation holder in Australia cancels their Cybertruck pre-order, they will get their refund it is truth.

This has always been the deal and it’s not just in Australia that Tesla offers this. It’s every Cybertruck pre-order worldwide.

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