Tesla Giga Berlin begins to ramp production of 1,000 cars

Tesla announced last week its new production facility in germany, gigafactory berlin achieved a production rate of 1000 cars in a week. 

Facility was production in march, meaning the 1000 run rate is big step in right direction.

Tesla's $5.5 billion gigafactory berlin is the 2nd manufacturing facility outside of the USA.

Only Tesla Model Y is present manufactured at tesla factory. 

Elon musk praised giga berlin as a "gemstone" for germany.

Musk said - "Every vehicles that we make will be another step in the direction of a sustainable energy future".

The Tesla ramp up at its German manufacturing facility is among the most important aspects of the current production plan.

Giga Berlin was many delays in initial production limited tesla's ability to compete in the fast growing & highly competitive european automotive market.

Tesla was given the task of Gigafactory Shanghai to produce vehicles and export them for export to Europe.

Tesla is tasking that plant with Model Y deliveries within the continent.