Tesla Giga Shanghai output will reach 3,000 vehicles per day

Once Tesla giga shanghai plant upgardes, then Tesla expected to reach 3,000 vehicles per day.

Tesla giga shaghai plant produce Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3.

Giga shanghai also expected to incluide 3rd shift workers in factory.

Giga shanghai upgrade production lines for increase factory's capacity.

Reason of 3rd shift addition is Shanghai gigafactory is expected to produce 1000 to 2000 Tesla model 3 units daily.

And Tesla model Y production line will also have the capacity to produce 2000 units per day.

Tesla China factory was finished upgrading the Model Y production line on July 16.

Currently they completeing upgration of Tesla model 3 production line.

Tesla expects to complete Tesla Model 3 production line will upgrade by August 7.

I think Tesla model 3 production will restart on August 8.

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