Tesla Insurance is now in Maryland and Utah

Tesla Insurance has launched in Maryland and Utah.

In Tesla’s website lists the states that currently have Tesla’s insurance service.

On july 26 Tesla’s Insurance moving into Georgia.

Utah and Maryland bring the total of U.S. states with Tesla Insurance to 11.

This covered a population of over 130 million people or 39.5% of the U.S. population.

Elon said that it varied by state and gently let me down when he said he wasn’t sure about Louisiana.

The insurance is regulated primarily at the state level. So it’s a state by state thing and you have to have to jump through a lot of hoops in every state and those hoops take a long time to jump.

There’s a lot of barriers to entry basically and some of these barriers to entry are legit.

You can’t have like some shady insurance company.  But then, I think some of these regulations are there to protect the existing insurers and stop new entrants.

It is a very slow process of getting the various licenses in all the states and every state is different. 

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