Tesla Invites Californian To Enroll In Virtual Power Plant

Tesla has recently offered the introduction of its brand new virtual power plant, in collaboration along with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

This virtual plant allows Powerwall owners to join the program to maintain the power grid and prevent blackouts across California.

The invitation to join the Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) pilot is offered by the PG&E.

According to Tesla the company, participants should support the grid while receiving compensation while keeping your energy safety.

Powerwall owners who opt to sign up for the program receive $2 per kilowatt-hour returned into the grid.

Tesla stated that it has approximately 50,000 Powerwalls that may be suitable for the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program.

which can result in an enormous quantity of power capacity that could be distributed as needed the grid of the PG&E.

The year before, Tesla launched a test virtual power plant in California and Powerwall owners participated voluntarily without payment.

The idea was to allow the power plant draw energy from the Powerwall owners battery packs whenever the grid required it.

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