Tesla is opening its Superchargers to other EVs in the U.S very soon

Tesla is very close to opening their Superchargers for other electric vehicles.

I think it is the best way to help accelerate electric vehicle adoption in the USA.

Tesla is applying for federal funding for expand its Supercharger network.

Tesla Superchargers is one of the largest EV infrastructure in the world with more than 35,000 chargers.

According to report in USA funding is required to give access to other EVs.

Tesla could be open Superchrgers network for any EV brand in USA.

Elon Musk has discussed in the past the possibility that the Supercharger network is opened up to other automaker brands.

Musk Tweeted that the charging network would open to other automakers and it did.

The Pilot Program launched in November 2021 and is now available in thirteen countries across Europe.

Now Tesla is planning to utilize federal money to build out its Supercharger network.

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