Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are most American-made cars in 2022

The "American-Made Index", report ranks the Tesla Model Y & Model 3 as the most American-made cars, with the Model X & Model S in fifth and sixth, respectively.

The Lincoln Corsair is third, while the Honda Passport is fourth.

Tesla has been repeatedly criticized for not being American-made. This has been proven false multiple times and again in 2022.

American-Made Index uses data points to include the location of vehicles.

The American Automobile Labeling Act identifies the percentage of parts from the US and Canada that are sourced through it.

It also identifies the relative number of US manufacturing workers to each automaker.

The majority of the top spots on the American-Made Index were occupied by hybrid and electric vehicles.

With Tesla cars becoming so popular, and gas prices so high now, more people are searching for hybrid and fully-electric alternatives.

The number of consumers looking for hybrid or electric vehicles has increased 21% over last year.

"The Tesla, an American-made all electric make, appears often and is high up on this list. This could indicate a market alignment.

According to cars.com, 40% of Americans would prefer to buy vehicles made in America. This is 22% more than 2021.

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