Tesla Model Y charges 97% in under 1 hour made by Texas

Texas-made Tesla Model Y with 4680 battery charges 97% in under 1 hour like in 52 minutes.

Tesla advocate Ryan Levenson recently took delivery of a Texas-made Dual Motor Model Y.

The vehicle is equipped with 4680 battery cells which is similar to a texas based model Y.

Elon Musk who Tesla owner on Twitter, he actually drove the Texas-made Model Y until its battery showed 0 miles of range.

The Model Y was plugged into at 12:25 a.m. and had 0 miles remaining. By 1:17 a.m. the Texas-made crossover was completely unplugged and had 270 miles of range.

Dual Motor Model Y from Texas is listed with a range of 279 miles/charge when full battery. 

Tesla has been very tight-lipped about actual benefits of 4680 cells, particularly when compared to 2170 cells in the Model Y made in Fremont Factory Berlin and Gigafactory.

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