Tesla Model Y is boomingin market

Because Tesla Model Y is very fastest selling used car in current market.

Tesla dominated the used vehicle merket in last month June 2022.

In June 2022 Tesla dominated Tesla Model Y mid size SUV as fastest selling car.

The average used car took 52 days to sell in June 2022.

Where used cars took  day to sell.

And the average price for used cars also increase as compare to may 2022 in June 2022.

Also used Tesla Model Y cars sold an average price like $69,780.

Although new Tesla Model Y AWD long range price is $65,990.

Used Tesla Model Y vehicles sold around after 24.9 days an average.

Besides the Model Y, Tesla's another model like Model X and Model 3 used cars also in the study's list.

So, Used Tesla Model X took arounf 28 days to sell and Used Tesla Model 3 took 27.7 days to sell.

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