Tesla Q2 2022 results

Tesla announced yesterday that they delivered 254,695 vehicles in 2022’s second quarter (Q2 2022).

In Q1 Tesla produced 258,580 vehicles.

In the second quarter, Tesla produced more then 258,000 vehicles and delivered more then 254,000 vehicles.

The automaker said that In Tesla's history June 2022 was the highest vehicle production month.

Tesla said 16,162 units of the Model S and Model X flagship vehicles were delivered in Q1.

Now Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 accounted for 238,533 deliveries in Q2.

Due to COVID-19 Tesla’s Chinese production plant, Gigafactory Shanghai, was shut down for three weeks.

The automaker also recovered thanks to a spirited effort at Fremont and Berlin.

The Northern California plant recorded its most productive figures in the beginning of June, setting a new record for the number of units produced in a week.

Gigafactory Berlin in Germany reach a 1,000 unit output for the first time in its short production history.

Tesla is looking to the Q3 of 2022 to recover its momentum and begin an exciting new period of growth in its quarterly delivery.

The Q2 2022 quarter marks for the very first time within the past 10 years that an automaker has not able increase its deliveries.

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