Tesla Semi & Cybertruck Create Sense Of Awe At Michigan International Speedway

Tesla Semi and Cybertruck Tesla Semi and Cybertruck created an aura of wonder in the crowd when they appeared at Michigan International Speedway. Michigan International Speedway recently.

The rare sighting of two iconic Tesla EVs on the speedway display how exciting the future of transportation will be.

Teslarati pointed out that Tesla also introduced its Cybertruck at Michigan International Speedway. Michigan International Speedway last month.

In the month of May, the Cybertruck was seen at the round in May of the Formula SAE competition in which students from both universities and graduate programs took part.

In a post on Instagram, Tesla said that 20 of its sponsored students electric vehicle teams have been competing at Formula SAE. Formula SAE races.

Tesla has provided teams with batteries as well as mentorships, discounts as well as design reviews.

The company also noted that it's opening way for greater teams before to be competitive with each other in this EV division.

Teslarati has noticed some significant changes in the Cybertruck's style in comparison to the model that was unveiled last month.

Another differentiator one difference is the Cybertruck didn't come with the windshield wiper.

The first prototype was not equipped with a windshield at all. But, Tesla continues to work on the design of wipers.

It's been reported that the Cybertruck is seen with one large wiper as well as an even smaller, perhaps extendable one in some instances.

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