Tesla Sets Up Random Drawing For Annual Stockholder Meeting

Tesla will conduct a random draw to select shareholders who will attend the annual meeting of stockholders.

Tesla made a statement in a filing in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it will choose a certain number of stockholders who will attend the meeting on August 4th.

Tesla has also sent its stockholders an emails and postal mailers to provide them with proxy materials to the meeting.

Tesla stockholders can also be present at the meeting.

How To Enter The Drawing

If you have Tesla stocks and wish to be part of the drawing for random prizes, Tesla has set up an official page that provides details about how to participate.

Make sure you go through the following terms. Tesla is only looking at stockholders who purchased or held Tesla shares before or on June 6, 2022.

If you purchased shares prior to that date, it will disqualify you from participating in the drawing and taking part in the meeting physically as well as online.

Tesla stated on its website, "To maximize fairness, we're conducting random draw to make sure our stockholders are eligible to be present at the meeting.

Tesla stated "Please note that you will have to upload proper evidence of Tesla stock ownership on June 6, 2022 (not any other date, including a different date in June 2022)."

Tesla has an agenda with 13 points in the event.

The board of directors suggests the voting on proposals one through five , and for proposals 6 through thirteen.

Stockholders are able to vote on the internet, by phone or email.

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