Tesla short sellers lost $1.55 billion over the past 30 days

Tesla reported very strong Q2 results and the news isn’t good for those hoping for Tesla’s failure as a company.

Tesla held the largest short interest in the market.

Jim Chanos and David Einhorn have been betting against the company’s stock for quite some time.

In January 2021, their losses had already accumulated to $1 billion.

The analysis noted that Tesla’s short interest is $18.54 billion and that 24.98 million shares have been shorted.

Tesla’s short sellers covered 2.09 million shares over the last 30 days.

These shares were worth $1.55 billion.

TESLA short sellers were actively trimming their exposure ahead of the earnings release, covering 2.09 million shares, worth $1.55 billion, over the last thirty days.

This is a -7.7% decrease in TSLA shares shorted as its stock price rose +14.2%.

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