Tesla want to exceed the 1,000 cars per week

Tesla is most popular electric vehicles company and its CEO is Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO ELon Musk said that Tesla is expecting to exceed the 1,000 car/week milestone in a next couple of months.

He also added We are that expecting Giga Texas will complete this expectation.

Giga Texas moved at least 150 cars per day.

The drone operator of Tesla Giga Texas said Right now Model Y production ramping is noticeably hitting a new gear.

With this we are moving more than 150 cars per day now.

In few videos he said that Tesla Model Y production was nearing 1,000 cars per week.

But we hope Tesla will share its official numbers very soon.

The Q2 2022 was still a record-breaking quarter for Tesla.

And Tesla is still growing and Tesla wants to reach at least 50% growth this year.

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