Tesla’s Fremont Factory produces it 2 million car

In Northern California, Tesla's Fremont Factory produced 2 million cars.

The Fremont Factory was one of the Tesla's main menufacture plant.

And in current time it produces all four electric models.

It was the automaker’s initial production facility in the United States.

When Tesla moved its headquarters from Palo Alto to Texas, the Fremont Factory still continued the automaker’s most crucial facilities.

Fremont Factory is still a very important part of Tesla’s manufacturing process.

On July 18 this factory built its 2 millionth vehicles.

Tesla built its 1 million vehicles of Red Tesla Model Y In March 2020.

Since 2020, Tesla has opened 2 new factories for increase manufacturing products.

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said We still operate our California factory, which is the largest auto plant in North America, USA.

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