The Best, Worst, And Weirdest iPhone Rumors Of The Year

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max's primary sensor for cameras will be upgraded from 12MP to 48 MP is the biggest update to the camera's camera.

1. A 48-megapixel camera

There are rumors that Young in 2021 suggested the possibility of an under-display the Face ID technology.

2. Under-display Face ID

In the most recent show in the latest episode of Apple playing catch-up with Android and the iPhone 14 might finally be having a display that is always on.

3. Always-on display

A report on the financials of JP Morgan Chase, spotted by iPhone Wired back in July 2021, says that the iPhone 14 Pro will be composed out of titanium.

4. Titanium material

The new purple hue can also alter tones based on the lighting angle and angle this could be the possibility of a holographic nightmare.

5. Possible purple color

Apple has introduced it's adaptive Pro Motion display on it's iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max that allows the refresh rate of the display to vary.

6. ProMotion display to all model

It is possible that the Pro as well as Pro Max iPhone 14 models could feature a thermal vapor chamber system, which can help keep the device cool it is in use for a long time.

7. New cooling system

CarKey that was initially released in 2020, was an iPhone feature that allows you to connect a digital car key into the Apple Wallet.

8. More vehicles added to CarKey

We all thought the camera bump on the iPhone 13 was already too large. Evidently, Apple saw it as a challenge and decided "Let's make it even bigger! For funsies!"

9. Bigger camera bump

Apple is expected to bid its the smallest iPhone model to the 14 model. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Wuo predicted this in 2021. So it's looking increasingly likely every day.

10. No iPhone 14 mini

In March, Apple was believed to be developing a subscription to a hardware service.

11. Subscription iPhone rental services

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