TikTok can help you stop your endless scrolling

TikTok has added a number of new features created to prevent users from slipping away into the endless stream of addicting short-form videos.

The service has just announced. The new app will provide a notification after you use the app for an extended duration.

It defined by the user and will add a new security measure to the current limits for daily use. 

Teenagers (between 13-17) will be asked to utilize the screen time limiter tool when they have spent more than 100 minutes using the application in one day. 

TikTok is also introducing the new dashboard for screen time which provides a breakdown of the app's use. 

The statistics include the length of time it has been open and a breakdown of use during the day and at night and a total counter of the duration of time that users spend in the app on a daily basis. 

TikTok's latest features come after the introduction of similar tools for other applications like Instagram or Netflix which are designed to assist users better manage their time spend on them.

Apple and Google also permit app limitations to be set by iOS as well as Android. 

These can be useful for companies which rely on advertisements to encourage users to pay attention at the highest level. 

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