Twitter ia ready to launch long-form Notes in coming weeks

Twitter is set to roll out a brand new feature for blogging that is long-form called Twitter Notes within "the coming weeks".

In May the month of May, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots of a feature called or Twitter Notes.

This allows users to create blog posts in a format that are that include images hyperlinks, as well as tweets embedded.

Additional screenshots of the tool were revealed in April by a different app developer, Nima Owji, which provided users with options to share their posts and updates with followers.

This feature, currently referred to as Notes It is currently getting a prominent spot in the beta version of the Twitter application.

Although the feature is said to be ready to go live in the next weeks but it could be delayed due to further testing.

The addition of writing in long-form The addition of long-form writing Twitter could fundamentally alter the look of the platform which was previously identified by writing in short form.

In the beginning, tweets were limited to 140 characters but then grew to 280 characters in 2017.

Twitter is likely to be packed with lengthy written screeds that are shared via threads of tweets, or tweeted images of other articles or even user's writing.

By incorporating writing of long form into Twitter's platforms, Twitter could potentially capture the full value of these writings.

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