U.S. crypto firm Harmony hit by $100 million heist

U.S. Crypto firm Harmony announced on Friday that thieves had stolen approximately $100 million worth cryptocurrency from its main products.

The latest in a series of cyber-heists in a area that hackers have long targeted.

Harmony creates blockchains for decentralized finance , also known as  peer-to-peer sites.

That provide loans and other services that do not require traditional gatekeepers, such as banks, and tokens that are not fungible.

The company based in California said the heist targeted it with its Horizon "bridge", a tool that allows the transfer of crypto across different blockchains.

The software that powers digital tokens like bitcoin and ether.

Thefts have been a problem for a long time in the crypto industry and blockchain bridges becoming increasingly targeted.

Over $1 billion worth of data has been taken from bridges in 2022, as per the London-based firm for blockchain analytics, Elliptic.

Harmony announced they were "working with national authorities and forensic specialists to identify the culprit and retrieve the stolen funds" without providing additional details.

Elliptic is a system that tracks public blockchain data, has said that hackers hacked a variety of different cryptocurrency.

From Harmony from Harmony, which includes Tether, ether, and USD Coin from Harmony, including USD Coin, ether, and Tether.

They later exchanged for ether via the so-called decentralized exchanges.

On March 1, hackers vandalized $600 million in cryptocurrency out of Ronin Bridge, used to move cryptocurrency in and out of Axie Infinity.

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