Volkswagen chief Herbert Diess says they will be able to beat Tesla by 2025.

Herbert Diess, the current chairman of the management board of the German automobile maker Volkswagen Group, has said Volkswagen Group will be taking an advantage on Elon Musk's Tesla in 2025.

Diess stated that Tesla will not be able to sustain its momentum in trying to expand two gigafactories, one located in Austin, Texas and the one located in Grunheide, Germany.

He believes this is an opportunity to gain the lead, since Volkswagen is operating at its full capacity.

"Elon has to simultaneously increase the capacity of two factories that are extremely complex at Austin and Grunheide and also grow the production capacity in Shanghai.

It will take him a lot of energy," he told workers on Tuesday, according to the first revealed by the Financial Times.

"We must seize this opportunity to gain ground quickly by 2025 , we'll be ahead," he added.

Diess has been eyeing Tesla for a while and earlier this year, he claimed Volkswagen could sell many more vehicles powered by electric than Tesla in 2025.

Diess added the fact that Tesla is weakening. She then showed a slide with an image of the actor Jason Momoa representing Volkswagen creeping ahead of his fellow actor Henry Cavill cast as Tesla.

Diess as well as Musk are friends outside of Musk and Diess are friends outside of EV race, however the German executive is always referring to Tesla as the biggest competitor to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen reported that it sold 4,500 electric cars around the world in 2021.

Tesla has sold 930,422. It's ranked as fourth among electric car manufacturers and fifth among the biggest electric vehicle companies.

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