Volvo truck testing out hydrogen fuel cell semis

Volvo's trucking business division for commercial use is currently testing hydrogen fuel cell semi-trucks in hopes of getting ahead of the evolving technology.

The fuel cells were developed by CellCentric which is which is a joint venture with Volvo as well as Daimler Truck Automotive Group.

Volvo says its vehicles are capable of 1,000 km of range and It is refueled in less than 15 minutes.

Volvo Trucks has been "developing this technology for several years.

Hydrogen fuel cells are ideal for long-distance hauling, and may be used in areas with a limited infrastructure for charging batteries.

The company began building battery-electric vehicles in 2018 but they're not yet available across the US.

With the advent of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Alm believes he will see an increase in the availability of hydrogen-free hydrogen within the next few years.

A major obstacle to hydrogen-powered vehicles is continuing to be the scarcity of fueling stations.

There are currently only 60 stations operating throughout the US and the majority of them are located in California.

As per the California Fuel Cell Partnership website the amount of fuel station hydrogen is expected to increase to just over 100 stations in mid-2023.

The most practical use for hydrogen fuel cells can be commercial trucks. With Volvo's latest truck.

The company is part of automakers such as Toyota who are at the forefront of technology in passenger and commercial application.

Additionally, GM collaborates in conjunction with Navistar on a 500-plus mile semi, and also uses technology to construct portable power stations.

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